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Creative. Practical. Fun.

Hands-on sewing courses for alterations and the aspiring stylist.

  • What if you could shop without worrying about hemlines and necklines?
  • What if you could replace zippers and repair seams in-house, without any unnecessary hassle or expense?
  • What if you could finally sew your own clothes to your unique style with the perfect fit?
  • What if you could grow your sense of style into an enjoyable and profitable career?

With The Sew Pro, you can!

Sewing is a skill that is attainable for all. And we’ve got over 2,000 students to prove it. Sewing lessons where YOU will learn to sew on your time and schedule.

What Our Students Are Saying

One stitch at a time

“I just finished the course!! I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot. The lessons were very clear and easy to follow. Sewing is my new hobby! I did so many of my own alterations and have already done alterations for others! My shopping experience changed as well. I learned a ton from all the extra information you gave on the side! I’m so so happy that I did this course. I would love to continue learning by taking the advanced garment course when it becomes available online! ”

Chaya Labkowski

“Tzirel Leah’s sewing course was exactly what I was looking for and provided a lot more detail than what I expected. I found the online course to be extremely well done and any questions I had were just an email away - but were usually answered within the video. The notes that are given along with the course are very helpful to always be able to look back at. Really a fantastic course that one I strongly recommend!”

Chani Heller

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Hi! I’m Tzirel Leah!

I help beginner sewists get the skills they need from successfully operating a sewing machine to creating and fixing their clothes, and experienced sewists learn advanced skills such as patternmaking and gown construction. Overall, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching my students develop into professional and creative sewists.

A bit about me...

  • Third generation teacher (I couldn't help it, it's in my blood!) with a passion for sewing

  • These courses combine the best of what I learned at FIT & Parsons with my over 12 years of experience in both sewing custom and altering ready-to-wear

  • I was trained in a custom couture gown boutique in the heart of NYC

  • Over the years I’ve helped more than 2,000 students like you master the art of sewing

  • My repertoire of courses is multileveled, ranging from basic alterations (Alteration 101), to following patterns (Sew Like a Pro) to advanced garment construction and couture gowns & patternmaking (not yet online!)

  • I take a special pride in watching complete beginners develop into advanced-level sewists

What Our Students Are Saying

One stitch at a time

“Before I started, I wasn’t sure if the learning would be clear on video. Well, after I took it I couldn’t imagine how it could be clear NOT on video! The videos were really well done, zooming up at exactly the right time, making me feel like I had my face pressed against your sewing machine. I could pause and review endlessly. It has been an incredible experience!”

Debbie Hirshberg

“Taking Tzirel Leah’s sewing class was informative, interesting, and so hands on. Tzirel Leah makes sure that every student knows all the information. Also, there are so many practical sewing tips given that you do not hear anywhere else! It was an amazing class and experience that I use every time I walk into my sewing room… which is a few times a day.”

Full-Time Dressmaker

Sussie Landau

Wondering which course is right for you?

  • Alterations 101

    Overwhelmed by the seamstress bill? How about those times the seamstresses are booked and you need those clothes fixed? You can finally learn to do it yourself in a short amount of time. Learn the basic alterations that do not require understanding of garment construction.

  • Sew Like A Pro

    Create full garments! Understanding garment construction gives us the ability to do alterations on a professional level. Whether it’s your own clothes you’d like to be able to fix, or start a sewing business, your alterations skills will be best when you create a garment AND learn alterations.

  • Advanced Construction

    Stumped by advanced techniques? Don’t you wish you can just make clothes that fit right? How about in the fabric of your choice? And the design of your choice? Acquire a full scope of advanced sewing skills. You'll be able to sew anything, from gowns through high end alterations.

Included in every course:

  • Email Support & lifetime Reference Notes

    Emails will be responded to within 48 hours.

  • Flexible Timing

    Watch any time of day or night!

  • Hands-on Instruction

    No prior skills needed!

Receive our Sew Pro Sewing Box

All you need to have is a sewing machine

You will be provided with all the fabric and supplies needed to complete the course, shipped to your door upon signup. (International shipping email first to check for shipping cost. Shipping free within the US.) Any working sewing machine can be used for the course. If you do not own a machine, email for updated list of recommended machines.

What Our Students Are Saying

One stitch at a time

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received the Sew Pro Box. It's awesome! I'm really speechless - so neat and organized. Whatever I need to have is included! I do not need to buy anything! Also, each lesson is so well explained and easy to follow along with. Looking forward to the rest. Thank you!”

Bracha White

“Having my daughters take the sewing courses by Tzirel Leah was the best thing I could have done for them. Besides the fact that they get to use their creativity to create new things and do alterations to existing clothing, it gives them a boost of confidence when they see what they can do. The alterations 101 course I took opened a whole new world… I never realized how simple all of it was and I can actually do it!!! The course was given over in such a clear, simple manner – Tzirel Leah is amazing!! ”

Student herself and mother of 2 students

Fraidy Guttman

“Tzirel Leah is a born teacher with a wealth of knowledge, which she expertly imparts to her students with patience and a smile. She breaks it all down into incredibly simple steps leaving you to say: "Sure! I can sew my whole wardrobe:)!!” I learned neat tips and tricks that only someone with her breadth of experience can offer. TheSewPro is all that it guarantees and more! Tzirel Leah, thank you for introducing me to the sewing world! I've definitely caught the sewing bug! ”

Sarah Halpern

Stop wasting money on alterations. Stop turning away clothes that don’t fit.

Over 2,000 students have been trained by Tzirel Leah to date. Will you be next?