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From basic alterations to high-end couture. Making sewing simple since 2013.

Professional and efficient. That's my motto! When it comes to sewing, you can have both.


Tzirel Leah | Founder of The Sew Pro

What Our Students Are Saying

One stitch at a time

“Ahhhh the pleasures of knowing how to sew! Your course gave me confidence in my sewing skills. I appreciate the super clear way in which you delivered the information. People could not believe it when I told them I learned how to sew with an online class. I told them it does not sound possible but it is DEFINITELY possible and even better than in person because it was so so so clear, and I did it at my own pace and was able to pause and replay whenever I wanted. I just finished the course and already made a few hundred dollars just from doing alterations from one family I know; all thanks to you. You gave me the confidence to spread my wings.”

Sew Like A Pro Student

Shira Y

  • Clear and comprehensive

  • Efficient and easy

  • Professional and practical

Tailor-made for:

  • The emerging designer

  • The family's dressmaker

  • The aspiring business owner

  • The crafty creative

  • The "nothing fits right!"

You dream of sewing clothes, just how you want them. So what's getting in your way?

Whether you're just starting out or you've been sewing for a while, sewing or altering a garment can feel intimidating. Slicing into fancy fabric? Feeding knits through the machine? Taking in shoulder seams? Nerve-wracking! But it doesn't have to be that way. There are tried and tested methods for every stage of the sewing process. Let's cut out all the guesswork and the stresswork, and make sewing as simple as ABC.

From your very first stitch to a full custom dress.

At the Sew Pro, we reduce the learning curves with clear and comprehensive instruction. Complicated alterations?! Easy! Patternmaking? Simple! Follow our step-by-step methods and before you know it, you'll be sewing and altering clothes that fit right and feel great. With clear explanations and hands-on practice, you'll wonder why no one taught you this earlier!

Ready, set, SEW!

The A to Z of sewing and alterations.

  • Sew like a Pro

    The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Sewing and Alterations.

  • Advanced Construction

    The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Dressmaking and Alterations.

  • Patternmaking

    The Complete Guide to Patternmaking.

“Tzirel Leah is a born teacher with a wealth of knowledge, which she expertly imparts to her students with patience and a smile. She breaks it all down into incredibly simple steps leaving you to say: "Sure! I can sew my whole wardrobe :)!!” I learned neat tips and tricks that only someone with her breadth of experience can offer. TheSewPro is all that it guarantees and more! Tzirel Leah, thank you for introducing me to the sewing world! I've definitely caught the sewing bug!”

Sarah Halpern

“I can't thank you enough for your outstanding sewing course!I am altering a ton of clothing for the summer and doing a fantastic job! It opened a whole new world for me. Now, when I go shopping, I can basically get what I like, and alter it to my size and style - this gives SO many more options.”

Sophia Hart

“I taught sewing classes 15 years ago. Watching your course has blown my mind. I am sorry for all the students who took classes by me that they didn't take your video courses instead! It's mind-boggling how clear they are. Superbly clear. And so much better than in person learning. The zooming, the ability to pause and review, the sheer clarity of your teaching, I wish I took this course 30 years ago!!”

Sharon Zahav

Hi! I’m Tzirel Leah!

Born into a family of dressmakers, Tzirel Leah has been sewing since she was 12. What began as a hobby, evolved into a mission: To unlock the secret to efficient, simple and high-quality sewing. Devouring sewing books and courses, nothing could stop her.
She'd spend hours unpicking store-bought clothes, to really understand the science of garment construction, so she could do it herself -- and better. But she didn't keep her findings to herself. As a third-generation teacher, she took her teaching skills and opened her first in-person sewing class in 2013.
With her knack for simplifying even the most complex processes, Tzirel Leah has made sewing easy for over 2500 students. From basic alterations to advanced garment construction & patternmaking Tzirel Leah loves proving to the world that sewing can be professional and efficient at the same time.
  • 15 Years of sewing experience

  • 2500+ Sewing graduates

  • 1 Patternmaking patent

  • 6 Sewing & Patternmaking Copyrights

Combining NYC's best sewing training with hours of trainings and courses from around the world.

Never touched a machine? Been sewing for years?

There's a course here for everyone.

Level 1

The Sew Like A Pro Course

The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Sewing and Alterations.

From "I've never touched a sewing machine" to "I made this myself!"

  • Use a sewing machine

  • Perform sought-after alterations

  • Sew clothes from scratch

  • Insert an invisible zipper


Level 2

The Advanced Construction Course

The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Dressmaking.

From "I can sew the basics" to "I can sew anything!"

  • Construct complex tailored garments

  • Sew sleeves, collars necklines and beyond

  • Create professional seam finishes

  • Take in lined dresses and jackets


Level 3

The Patternmaking Course

The Complete Guide to Patternmaking

From "I'm limited by commercial patterns!" to "Nothing can stop me now!"

  • Design anything you dream up

  • Customize patterns to any size, fit or figure

  • Create custom dresses and gowns

  • Design tailored jackets


Alterations Basics

Just want the basics?

  • Basic hems

  • Basic tapering

  • Basic adding and lifting


The Beginner's Guide to Basic Alterations (All included in Sew Like a Pro)

What Our Students Are Saying

“Before I started, I wasn’t sure if the learning would be clear on video. Well, after I took it I couldn’t imagine how it could be clear NOT on video! The videos were really well done, zooming up at exactly the right time, making me feel like I had my face pressed against your sewing machine. I could pause and review endlessly. It has been an incredible experience!”

Debbie Hirshberg

“Having my daughters take the sewing courses by Tzirel Leah was the best thing I could have done for them. Besides the fact that they get to use their creativity to create new things and do alterations to existing clothing, it gives them a boost of confidence when they see what they can do. The Alterations 101 course opened a whole new world to me… I never realized how simple all of it was and I can actually do it!!! The course was given over in such a clear, simple manner – Tzirel Leah is amazing!!”

Student and mother of 2 students

Fraidy Guttman

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Included in every course:

  • Detailed notes or workbook to keep

    Every course comes with either a workbook or illustrated notes for you to keep. They will be your go-to after completing the course when you need reminding of a technique.

  • Email support

    Although most of your questions will be answered in the course itself, Tzirel Leah is always happy to answer specific questions and get back to you with personal feedback.

  • Hands-on projects and feedback

    Throughout the course you'll complete assignments using the materials included in the course, to implement your new skills. You'll upload pictures of your projects, and Tzirel Leah will give you constructive feedback and guidance.

  • Bite-size classes

    Every track is jam-packed with hours of comprehensive lessons. To make sure the information is clear and digestible, the lessons are broken up into shorter classes for you to watch at your convenience.

Plus a full set of sewing supplies. (Valued up to $400)

No matter where you live, you'll get a full set of sewing supplies shipped to your door. They'll be yours for the keeping and included in the price of the course. No hidden expenses, no rushing to the store. With hand-picked, easy-to-work-with fabric, tested supplies and notions, you'll be fully equipped to get sewing!

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received the Sew Pro Box. It's awesome! I'm really speechless - so neat and organized. Whatever I need to have is included! I do not need to buy anything! Also, each lesson is so well explained and easy to follow along with. Looking forward to the rest. Thank you!”

Bracha White


  • What makes The Sew Pro different from other sewing tutorials out there?

    The goal at The Sew Pro is to train high-quality dressmakers. Our courses are in-depth training, not just "how-to" tutorials. Each course leads you step-by-step, through hours of comprehensive classes until you're proficient and confident to complete the highest level sewing projects. Every course comes with a set of sewing materials, worth between $200 and $400, as well as a workbook or illustrated reference book, which is yours forever. The project assignments are personally critiqued, and together with email support, students have the knowledge, guidance, and materials to become professional dressmakers.

  • I've been sewing for years, are these courses for me?

    Some of my students have been sewing for over 30 years but needed better and more efficient ways of sewing. If you consider yourself an advanced sewist, then Advanced Construction or Patternmaking will be perfect for you, depending on which skill you want to learn.

  • I have never touched a sewing machine, are these courses right for me?

    Of course! Many Sew Like a Pro students don't even know what a sewing machine looks like. We start right from the beginning. See the full course details here.

  • Do I have to buy a new sewing machine?

    If you own a working sewing machine, there's no need to purchase a new one for these courses. You'll learn how to use any type of machine! If you don't have a machine yet, then email Tzirel Leah at for the most up-to-date recommended model numbers and where to buy them.

  • Do I have to be a perfectionist?

    We believe in professionalism, not perfectionism. Sewing can't be sloppy, but perfect isn't the goal -- in fact, aiming for perfection can actually get the way! As you start sewing, you'll notice that your favorite store-bought clothes really weren't sewn P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y. And they still look beautiful!

  • Do you only teach modest styles?

    We specialize in modest wear, and you can adapt them to match your own style.

  • What if I have questions during the course?

    After teaching 2500 students, Tzirel Leah has learned to anticipate nearly every question and answer them in the classes themselves. If you do have questions during the class, all you need to do is rewind the video to find the answer. If other questions come up, you can email Tzirel Leah with a picture and she will get back to you.

  • I'm not sure which course is right for me, can I talk to someone?

    Sure, if you have questions you can contact Tzirel Leah for a short meeting. Email

  • I'm a total beginner, which course should I take? Alterations Basics or Sew like a Pro?

    Both courses are great options for beginner sewists and neither require any prior experience. Sew Like a Pro includes the content from Alterations Basics and way more. It teaches you to sew garments from scratch, and includes even more advanced techniques. Alterations Basics only teaches the very basics, so you don't have to run to the seamstress all the time!

  • Is learning online as good as learning in person?

    Tzirel Leah taught (and still teaches) in person for the past 10 years. So when she decided to make her classes available online, she was skeptical too. To her surprise and delight, she found the online teaching was even clearer and more comprehensive. The angle of the camera is far closer to the machine than any in-person class can be, and the ability to rewind and replay means you get your questions answered on the spot. Based on the speed at which they learn and the quality of their sewing, she is confident that her online classes are nurturing professional, efficient sewists.

  • I want to learn to make gowns, which course is right for me?

    In order to make gowns, you need both Advanced Construction and Patternmaking. We offer them in a bundle here. Advanced Construction gives you the techniques to sew a gown, and the Patternmaking course teaches you how to make the actual pattern, creating the fit, style and design that you want. Patternmaking is the "architect", and Advanced Construction is the "builder".

  • I don't live in the US, is that a problem?

    Not at all. All materials can be shipped internationally, at a small extra fee. We're proud to have students all over the world who've enjoyed our online course. From US, Canada, England/the UK, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and South Africa.

What Our Students Are Saying

One stitch at a time

“I just finished the course!! I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot. The lessons were very clear and easy to follow. I've already done so many of my own alterations and alterations for others too! My shopping experience changed as well. I’m so so happy that I did this course. I would love to continue learning by taking the advanced garment course when it becomes available online!”

Chaya Labkowski

“This course was exactly what I was looking for and provided a lot more detail than I expected. I found the online course to be extremely well done and any questions I had were just an email away but were usually answered within the video. The notes that are given along with the course are very helpful to always be able to look back at. Really a fantastic course. One I strongly recommend!”

Chani Heller

“Taking The SewPro sewing class was informative, interesting, and so hands-on. Tzirel Leah makes sure that every student knows all the information. Also, there are so many practical sewing tips given that you do not hear anywhere else! It was an amazing class and experience that I use every time I walk into my sewing room… which is a few times a day!”

Sussie Landau

Stop wasting money on alterations. Stop turning away clothes that don’t fit.

Over 2,500 students have been trained by Tzirel Leah to date. Will you be next?