What our students are saying

“My daughter and I just finished the beginner's course. Thank you so much! This was one amazing sewing course. The instructions were clear and thorough. Even when you taught something I learned already, there was always a new technique or tip that made the sewing easier.”

Leah Jaeger

Acquire the skills and confidence for your hemming needs

30 minute class

  • 30 day access

  • completely free

  • sew straight hems and top-stitch hems

  • measure accurately and sew evenly

  • hemming pleats

What our students are saying

“I've taken sewing classes in a sewing school and in a studio previously. Your class is tops. I only wish I could've done this years ago. My results never looked so professional before. Thank you so much.”

Sara F, Los Angeles CA

“The classes were super super clear and easy to follow. I really appreciated how you taught the reasoning behind the different steps. It gave a broader understanding of where each stitch and seam comes into the grand picture. That turned it from a professional "arts-n-crafts project" to a skill that could be used further. I actually felt quite cool walking into the material store and knowing how to use proper sewing jargon :)”

Reela Tress

Free online hemming course

No internet? No problem! Email contact@thesewpro.com for USB options. $10 shipping and handling for USB.