"Teach me to sew!"

Grab your sewing machine, and follow my lead.

I'll take you from "I've never touched a sewing machine," to "I made this myself." It's seeeeew easy. 😉

Professional sewing starts here. 👇

  • Clear and Comprehensive Lessons

  • Online or USB

    Also may be available in Person.

  • For beginners and Beyond

  • Handbook and Supplies to Keep

What our students are saying

“The Sew Like a Pro course was outstanding! I enjoyed it so much and learned a ton! Tzirel Leah was super clear and patient. I now do my family’s alterations and I love to sew! It's both a practical, money-saving skill, and an enjoyable hobby at the same time! I also sew myself many skirts all the time! ”

Suri Speigel

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Your instructions were extremely detailed and well explained. You made complicated tasks simple to understand. You truly have a gift of teaching as well as sewing talent. I recommend this course to anyone who would like to master sewing skills. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Ayelet Feldstein

Stop running to the dressmaker when you can do it yourself! 

Newbie sewists or sewing-for-years. Teens or grandmas. If you're ready to take your sewing up a few stitches, you're in the right place.

I'll show you all the sewing secrets so you can:

  • Take in the awkward fitting dress that you love

  • Mend ripped pants and save $$$ at the dressmaker

  • Sew clothes from scratch, for you and your family

  • Build up a nice little sewing business on the side

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Sew What?! In the Sew Like A Pro Course, you'll discover:

  • The Secrets to the Sewing Machine:

    Get off on the right foot 😉. Spare yourself hours of trial and error, and fighting with the bobbin and tension – learn to operate and troubleshoot a sewing machine with ease. By the end of this module, you and your machine will be best friends. Even my experienced students, with years of sewing under their belt, thank me for all the tricks they learned and all the time they now save. They just wish they’d discovered them earlier!

  • The A-Z of Hemming and Lengthening:

    You name it, we’ll hem it. In this section, we cover every hem out there: The straight hem, circle hem, blind hem (both machine and hand). You’ll be able to hem pants and even sew cuffs. And what about lengthening? You’ll learn to add fabric and ribbon to straight and curved garments.

  • How to Make your Own Tailored Skirt:

    Never again wear a skirt that doesn’t fit perfectly. With my step-by-step guidance, we’ll sew two professional A-line skirts (the kind you pay at least $70 for in the store!) It’ll have: An invisible zipper, a full lining, and a professional finishing at the waist. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also learn to sew elastic skirts, skirts with ruffles on top, skirts with pockets, and tiered skirts. Say goodbye to wiggly zippers that poke out, and unflattering elastic waistbands. Professional skirt-making, here you come.

  • How to Take-In, Lift-Up and Let Out:

    Feel confident doing all those classic alterations. You’ll learn to take in skirts and pants at the waist or let them out if needs be. Taking in a flared dress or baggy hips on your favorite skirt will be easy peasy. And if the sleeves are hanging or the neckline is too wide, you’ll be able to do that, too. Learn to measure accurately, and transfer those measurements smoothly.

  • How to Sew Seams Smoothly:

    What if you could make adorable bows 🎀 and original pillows for the people you love!? Learn to sew secure seams, and perfect corners – so you can! Just pick the right fabric and surprise them with handmade gifts! Sew strong seams that don’t come apart, and learn to “seam rip” smoothly and quickly.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Pants:

    Pants can be a pain! Baggy legs, split crotch, tight waist, trip-me-up legs, get all the answers to all your pants problems. Learn to hem pants with and without cuffs, fix the crotch – so they don’t split again, take in the legs, and let out the waist. With the right techniques, they’ll be as good as new.

  • How to Decode Sewing Patterns:

    Aren’t sewing patterns meant to make sewing easier? In theory, yes, but all those marks, details, words and numbers make you give up before you’ve even begun. In this module you’ll crack the code, and learn to use all kinds of sewing patterns, so you can sew any garment from scratch.

  • And for the Bonus Class….

    The 60-Minute Knit Skirt! Learn to sew yourself a knit skirt in just 60 minutes. We’ll trace your favorite fitting knit skirt. Then we’ll cut, sew, finish - all in an hour!

Sew far, sew good!

As part of Sew Like A Part you'll get:

  • 2 classes a week

    2 clear video lessons each week. By week 7 you will have all the classes available through the end of your 5 months access to rewatch and review.

  • All fabrics & supplies delivered

    Top quality sewing notions delivered to your house. Includes all necessary materials and fabric for both skirts. All you’ll need is a sewing machine and an iron.

  • 12 classes (25 hrs) of video instruction

    25 hours of clear, easy-to-follow videos that guide you step-by-step, stitch by stitch. Each class has multiple lessons of average 30 minutes each.

  • Email Support

    Questions as you go along? We're here for you, just shoot us an email. Tzirel Leah will guide you along.

  • 20 troubleshooting videos

    20 short troubleshooting videos for quick fixes as you sew.

  • Lifelong Reference Sheets

    Super clear notes for you to download, print, and keep forever!

“But I don’t have any sewing equipment! I’ll have to buy everything!?”

No, you won’t! We provide all the tools, notions, and fabrics you’ll need to get started. Just bring your sewing machine, an iron, and a smile, and you’re good to…sew. We’ll ship our Deluxe Sew Pro Box right to your door. ($200 worth of supplies, included in the course fee!) Free shipping within the US. International shipping email us for shipping cost.

In the Deluxe Sew Pro Box you'll get:

  • Sewing pattern for the skirts you will create

  • Fabric, lining, zippers, and interfacing for TWO skirts

  • Quality fabric scissors • Seam ripper • Sewing gauge • Thread clipper

  • Extra long dressmaker’s pins • Magnetic pin holder - safest easiest pin holder • Safety pins

  • 3 pc tailors chalk • Heat erasable pen • Tape measure • Point turner

  • Sewing machine needles • Hand needles • Magnetic seam guide • Extension piece for guide

  • Teflon Iron cover - protects your fabrics from iron scorch and shines

  • Black and white thread • Bobbin case with 25 bobbins

  • Wash away wonder tape • Invisible zipper foot

What our students are saying

“The classes were really clear and I gained a lot from this course. It was amazing that I was able to watch and re-watch the videos and I was actually making something! This course was amazing as I was doing it along with you, step by step, and it was interactive- I was actively doing something! I've done many hems and alterations already and sewing is a very useful skill and it's enjoyable too!”

Goldy Green

“I really enjoyed Tzirel Leah’s courses for their thoroughness and clarity. After taking Sew Like A Pro, I was already taking many sewing jobs. I now sew my clothes professionally as well as many other people’s too.”

Miriam Dupolt


Click the arrows for the answers to your questions!

  • I’m really not a perfectionist. Is sewing for me?

    After teaching 2000 students I discovered that successful sewists are NOT perfectionists. Quite the opposite. Often perfectionism actually gets in the way of sewing. By the end of this course, I make sure that even the biggest perfectionists are OK with making mistakes! And one more thing. Store-bought clothing isn’t perfect anyway. Just turn clothes inside out, and discover how much money we’re spending on badly sewn clothes. 😲

  • I can really learn sewing through video? Isn’t in-person much clearer?

    I was also skeptical at the beginning. I’ve been teaching in-person for 10+ years. But after teaching many students online, I’ve seen that there are HUGE benefits to online learning. You can put the videos right in front of you as you’re sewing, and then you can PLAY, PAUSE and REWIND, again, and again, and again. (I can’t say I have THAT much time in-person 😋). You get to see the techniques as close-up and zoomed-in as possible. (It’s nearly like having your nose pressed against my sewing machine🤔). And remember, you have email access to me throughout the courses, so you can get my feedback and hand-held guidance along the way. (Even if we don’t get to hang out in real life 😌).

  • I’ve never touched a sewing machine. Can I still join?

    GREAT! There’s no better place to start than the beginning. All you need is access to a sewing machine, and I’ll show you exactly how to use it. You’ll be surprised how straightforward it is!

  • I’ve been sewing for years, is there really more to learn?

    Some of my students had been sewing for over 40 years before taking this course, and were thrilled to discover time-saving techniques and tricks that they wish they’d known earlier. They thank me for making invisible zippers so straightforward. They understand why their machine “misbehaves,” and they can’t stop thanking me when it no longer suddenly produces three threads at once, or feels tight when trying to pull out the fabric, or sews loose stitches.

  • What will I do after the course? How will I remember everything, when I no longer have access to the recordings?

    That’s where the course booklet comes in. With 28 pages of instruction, all the alterations and techniques are spelled out. And there’s a troubleshooting guide there, too.

  • Will I manage to get through the material in just 5 months?

    The course material should only take 7 weeks if you watch 2 classes per week. But I give you 5 months of access to the course. One exceptionally fast student finish it in just 4 weeks! She was having so much she got carried away! And if you do need more time, it’s just $25/a month to extend your course access.

  • Which sewing machine do you recommend?

    Stock and model numbers keep changing. Email me at contact@thesewpro.com before you buy, and I’ll send you the updated list.

  • How long does it take to do the homework? What is the total time investment per week?

    Each project takes around double the watch time. So the 25-hour course takes approximately 50 hours to complete.

  • What if I just want to learn alterations?

    When you really understand the ins and outs of clothes, alterations become a breeze. We’ll eliminate all the guesswork, so you can take all those clothes in your wardrobe that aren't quite right, and turn them into clothes that fit you perfectly! If you’re only looking for the most basic alterations, like hemming and adding, then you can check out the Alterations 101 course, but between you and me, it’s really really basic. 😉 And often these students end up joining the Sew Like a Pro course anyway.

  • Should I take the Alterations Basics course first?

    No! Sew like a pro includes all of the Alterations Basics lessons, and much much more. In Alterations Basics, you only learn to alter the edges of a garment. Whereas in Sew like A Pro, we learn to sew the inside of a garment and beyond. We cover advanced alterations and feel confident sewing garments from scratch. It’s deeper, it’s longer, it’s the full shebang.

Brush off the dust from your great-grandma's sewing machine, or treat yourself to a new one.

Let's get sewing!

Never waste time or money on last-minute alterations again! Become your own dressmaker. For just $550! (or 3 trips to the dressmaker)

What Our Students Are Saying

“With a rare combination of a star teacher with an expert sewist, Tzirel Leah gives over the most comprehensive course with amazing clarity! Her patience, knowledge, and wonderful personality make it a most enjoyable experience!”

employed at upscale gown boutique

Chani Stein

“Thanks so much! I am really enjoying and learning a tremendous amount from the course! I actually shop for my kids with such a different mindset now that I understand the construction of clothing and don’t get scared off by the alterations I used to use as an excuse not to buy the top or skirt. ”

Avigayil Bogopulsky

“I completed the whole course! I enjoyed every lesson and skill I learned and I hope to be able to use the skills to help (myself ;) and others! Thank you for such a clear, fun, and user-friendly option! I was conveniently able to do what I've always dreamed of doing but was never practical!”

Judy Levy

5 Month Access

Free shipping within the US for The Sew Pro Box. Located outside the US? Email contact@thesewpro.com BEFORE purchasing the course for shipping fee.

Come sew along!