• Endless style options

  • Efficient patternmaking techniques

  • Infinite creative possibilities

“Thank you so much Tzirel Leah! There is no better course than your patternmaking course! You explained it in such a clear manner. Especially with all the sample clothes. Even the things that were hard were explained so simply and precisely! You really gave us from beginning to end material! It was really enjoyable, too. Thank you!”

Henna Sara Spiegel

“I had the most amazing experience with the patternmaking course. All the info and guidance were so clear and fun. Everything was very visual and easy to understand. Thanks to Tzirel Leah I can be confident with my design career. It was a pleasure to work in such a great environment!”

Pessy Stern

“With her vast knowledge and experience, Tzirel Leah was excellent at teaching this comprehensive course. This newfound wealth of knowledge has made me feel confident that I can now design and create patterns for any style and fit imaginable! Thank you Tzirel Leah!”

Zeldy Waxman

Let's turn YOUR dressmaking dreams into a reality

You can picture the perfect dress. But the path from fabric to finish is bumpy. First, you can't find the right style pattern, then the pattern doesn't fit right. You're in between a 12 and a 14 and you're a different size for tops than for skirts. So the DIY begins. 🙈 Lengthen that dart. Lower the shoulder. An inch here, an inch there. An hour here, an hour there. Before you know it you're tearing your hair out. Your dressmaking dreams fade away, and you're back to scrolling the online stores, for an easier, ready-made option that also needs work before it looks just right.

Patternmaking just got simple.

There's another way, and it's a lot easier than you think! I've spent the last 7 years reducing patternmaking to an exact but simple science. So you can get it right, on your first try. Don't spend a minute longer fighting with a badly fitting pattern. Just follow my instruction and my step-by-step method to create your own original, perfect patterns. 100% clear. 100% accurate. 100% fail-proof.

It's as easy as 1,2,3.

There are 3 steps to a perfect garment.





The Sloper


The Pattern


The Sewing

The sloper is the basis of every garment. For a perfect-fitting garment, you need a perfect-fitting foundation.

With the sloper as a base, you can add features and adapt designs to create any style you want.

Once the pattern is complete, you cut out your fabric and sew the garment, just as you imagined.

You're already a sewing pro. 
Become a patternmaking pro, too.

The Sew Pro Online Patternmaking Course:


The clearest method to total dressmaking freedom. 

Combining professional tools and knowledge with super-clear delivery and instruction, this course gives you the freedom to dream up any piece of clothing -- and make it, in record time.

Once we've covered 280 different styles and you've practiced them, along with me in your very own workbook, nothing will be beyond your capabilities. With hands-on experience and personal feedback, you'll have the confidence to say YES to any dressmaking request.

“Tzirel Leah taught me in 3 months what I didn't manage to learn in college in a year.”

Zeldy Schwei

280 26 7 35
Hours (Divided
in Short Clips)


  • Evening Wear and Textiles

  • Couture Bridal Gown

  • Tailored Jackets

Meet Tzirel Leah

As a professional dressmaker and sewing teacher, Tzirel Leah's pet peeve was patternmaking. Trial and error just didn't cut it for her practical and efficient way of thinking. Despite attending patternmaking courses at fashion school, she and the rest of the students were still totally intimidated by making patterns! She knew that real sewing freedom only comes when you master patternmaking, and she was determined to crack the code. There had to be a better way. An easier way. A shorter way. So she set out on a mission.
After trying and testing every sloper on the market, none of them satisfied her standards for simplicity, ease and fit. So she invented her own. She could now consistently produce perfect-fit, professional quality, in-style clothes with minimum work. But she still wasn't satisfied. What about all the other people out there who were still struggling to make their dream garment take perfect shape? To put an end to their sewing struggles, The Sew Pro Patternmaking Course was born.
2500+ 6 15+ 1
Sewing & Patternmaking Students
Course Levels
at The Sew Pro
Years of Teaching & Sewing

The Sew Pro Sloper Set.

What is a Sloper? Every piece of clothing is based on a "shell" that fits your body's contours perfectly. This shell is known as a sloper. Otherwise known as a patternmaking block or a foundational pattern. It's your first step to any style.

Why use a Sloper? Your actual pattern or design is built using the sloper as a foundation. Once you have the contours in place, you can add, take away, style and switch to create virtually any design you can dream of, and it will fit like a dream.

What is The Sew Pro Sloper Set? The Sew Pro Sloper Set is the result of years of careful adjustment and design, to provide you with a base that can be adapted to any figure. Valued at $400, and printed on a tear-resistant and water-resistant material, these large, and durable slopers will be your go-to for every sewing project. With these by your side, you can be 100% sure that your foundation is perfect so your garment will be perfect too.

“This is an incredible course, full of everything you would need to create your own patterns. It is a must if you know how to sew but don't want to be limited by commercial patterns. Tzirel Leah goes through every style you can imagine and explains every part really well. The course is so thorough! I have tried other courses, but none are as thorough or comprehensive or cohesive as this one!”

Betty Singer

“This course took my skills to a whole new level. Tzirel Leah's clarity and expertise covered every area of dressmaking. She infused me with confidence to excel in my work. I highly recommend this course.”

Leah Diamond

“This course was professional and informative. Everything was so clear and presented so well. I gained a huge amount of knowledge, even more than all my years of sewing! I used to sew part-time and teach part-time. I now sew full time and I couldn't have done it without the knowledge from Tzirel Leah.”

Tzippy NY

Don't let ready-made patterns cramp your style.

Tailor-made for you. Join this course and you'll get your own:

Set of
Sew Pro 
You'll receive 6 different sloper types:
Slopers with darts, without darts, plus sizes, children sizes, and knits in various combinations.
You'll get a roll of pattern paper, an awl, a tracing wheel, a curved ruler, an 18" ruler, and a sloper bag. All yours. Forever.

You'll practice making 280 mini patterns in your personal workbook. It'll stay by your sewing side, so you can refer to the techniques whenever you need.
You'll get your very own certificate from The Sew Pro School of Couture, after completing the 26 assignments and creating life-size garments.

Unlock the door to infinite sewing possibilities.

  • 47 bodice styles

  • 64 skirt styles

  • 51 sleeve styles

  • 29 collar styles

  • 24 children styles


We've broken down the learning process into 6 clear stages.

Every new style we learn follows these steps:


I'll present a sewn-up sample of each pattern style.


You watch and learn as I create a life-size pattern of each style.


You'll follow the steps and create a scaled-down version of each pattern in your workbook.


You'll upload pictures of your workbook for Tzirel Leah to review.


You'll create life-size samples of each garment type (bodices, sleeves, collars, skirts...) using whichever combination of techniques you choose.


You'll submit pictures of the garments and Tzirel Leah will provide constructive critiques.

This course is for you if you:

  • Dream of bringing your own designs to life

  • Wish you could do higher-end alterations

  • Imagine opening your own custom gown shop

  • Enjoy sewing for family and friends as a hobby

Why spend 20 hours, when you can do it in less than 2?

Choose the track that's right for you.

Patternmaking + Advanced Construction Course Bundle
"I want to create any style I dream of -- but bad patterns are getting in the way!" "I want to learn patternmaking -- but my sewing skills aren't good enough!"
Patternmaking Course: Patternmaking Course:
P sloper set and patternmaking tools shipped to your home ($400 value)

P personal workbook with 280 styles

P email support

P 26 assignments and personal feedback

P 35 hours of classes

P 6 months access to the course
P sloper set and patternmaking tools shipped to your home ($400 value)

P personal workbook with 280 styles

P email support

P 26 assignments and personal feedback

P 35 hours of classes

P 6 months access to the course

Advanced Construction Course:

P $150 worth of sewing supplies

P 162-page reference book

P email support

P 25 assignments and personal feedback

P 30 hours of classes

P 6 months access to each course (up to 4 month break between the courses if required)

P Learn professional techniques to sew: Collars, sleeves, seams, shaping, dresses and gowns, cuffs, necklines, knits, advanced alterations, gathers, zippers, buttonholes and pockets

P BONUS masterclass on using a serger
Patternmaking investment: Bundle investment:
$1,600   SIGN ME UP
$2,300 sign me up
3 x $560 sign me up Charged once a month for 3 consecutive months 3 x $794 sign me up Charged once a month for 3 consecutive months
Free shipping within the US for The Sew Pro Box.
Located outside the US? Email contact@thesewpro.com BEFORE purchasing the course for shipping fee.

Got questions?

  • Are you sure I don't need to be good at math to make patterns?

    Patternmaking does not require a math brain! It is detailed, and you will come across some numbers during the course, but all math calculations are done for you already.

  • What is the difference between this course and Advanced Construction?

    Advanced Construction teaches ALL advanced sewing techniques for creating garments. Patternmaking is how to create the necessary patterns for your desired designs and fit. If you take this course, it is assumed that you know the sewing techniques already.

  • Is patternmaking hard and time-consuming?

    No! On the contrary! Time-consuming is when you spend 30 hours making your own pattern when you could do it in an hour and a half!

  • I noticed that there are no classes on women's pants or contouring.

    Correct. We cover all of womenswear except for pants and contouring. In our childrenswear section we do touch on pants.

  • What do I need to know before taking this course?

    This course does not teach you how to sew. Before taking this course, you need a wide range of sewing skills, including attaching zippers, forming waistbands, sewing sleeves, linings and more. Students must be fully competent in all sewing skills prior to joining. If you do not yet know how to sew, check out the other courses here.

  • I don't live in the US. Can you still ship the supplies to me?

    Yes! There is a fee for international shipping. If you do live outside the US, contact me at contact@thesewpro.com to coordinate shipping.

  • Can I share my login with anyone?

    Each login is for one person only.

  • What if I don’t finish it and my time runs out!

    If, due to extenuating circumstances, you do need more time, reach out to me and you can extend the enrollment for $25/month.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have full access to the course for 6 months. If you stay on top of the classes, and watch 2-3 short classes per week, you should be finished the course in 3 months. An extra 3 months are included to give you time to review and a bit of leeway for life happening in between...

  • I still have more questions! Can I talk to someone?

    Sure. Click on the link below and set up a time to ask Tzirel Leah any other questions you have about the course.

“Such a breathtaking course! It was an overall understanding and ability to create whatever you dream of doing. As we finish I just cannot wait to get started using the oceans of knowledge I've gained with such clarity! Thank you!”

Mimi Frankel

“This course was amazing, well thought-out, organized, and comprehensive. This was serious instruction yet simultaneously enjoyable. Tzirel Leah is a pro!”

Elise Ohnouna

“Each class was clear and well thought-out. I feel like I now have an understanding of how to make patterns and the construction of clothing. I enjoyed the class so much!! And it was well worth the time I invested.”

Yehudis Rubinstein