• Which sewing machine is recommended to purchase?

    If you own a working sewing machine, there is no need to purchase a new one for this course. If you do not own a machine it is preferable to purchase a computerized one. They include a needle up/down feature that’s very useful and speed control which is very helpful for beginner's. The price ranges between $170 - $430. Email Tzirel Leah at contact@thesewpro.com for the current recommended model numbers and where to buy them.

  • How does international shipping work?

    Shipping within USA is free. The fees for international are: Canada - $20 shipping fee. Israel and the UK - $40 shipping fee. Please email us for rates to other locations. International shipping is send via UPS. Any customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. This should be minimal if at all charged. The shipping fee is paid via PayPal, separate from the regular course checkout. Please email contact@thesewpro.com for instructions before placing your order.

  • Do I need to be a perfectionist to sew well?

    Absolutely not! Seams can look perfect on the outside despite being sewn imperfectly. There is no need to cut or sew with what's known as "machine precision." Believe it or not, sewing is still done manually in factories. There are actual people at machines who sewed the clothes you own! And they were not made perfectly either - but you would never know it.

  • What is the recommended age level for these courses?

    The courses currently being offered online are for teens and adults. In our studio we offer preteen classes, too, but those are not yet online.

  • We’re 3 sisters. Can we do a course together?

    Purchasing the course is only for the one person signing up. Each family member requires their own sign-in account. Contact us for special group offers.

  • How do I know if sewing is for me?

    Sewing is a skill. No one is born knowing how to operate a sewing machine. If you can learn to ride a bike or drive, you can definitely learn to sew! It does take some initial patience as a skill can only be acquired through practice. There is no specific talent needed to be able to sew.

  • I see a sewing machine is needed for this course. Does it include hand sewing, too?

    We learn to sew blind hems, buttons, and snaps by hand. (A blind hem is taught by machine, too.) Everything else in the course is by machine. Sewing machines are fun and easy to use, and the stitches they sew are stronger than hand stitches. They also save hours and hours of time that hand sewing would take.

  • I have been using a sewing machine for a few years; I’m not a total beginner. I can use guidance on alterations. Can I benefit from either of these beginners courses?

    Hundreds of students with prior machine experience have come for both beginner course options in our studio. And every single one benefited. The courses are geared to beginners so there will be some review for you.If you’re not fully comfortable with all alterations, or with patterns, you are choosing from the correct courses here.

  • Will I need to purchase anything for the course?

    You will receive a Sew Pro Sewing Box with quality sewing notions. If you do not own a sewing machine or iron, you will need to purchase those. Everything else is provided. The supplies will last for all your sewing needs in the future. As you sew more, you’ll see specific thread colors and fabrics you’ll want to buy. For the course itself, you’ll be provided with everything. Located outside the US? Contact us at contact@thesewpro.com BEFORE purchasing the course for the shipping fee.

  • What happens if I do not complete the course within the allotted time?

    Each of the courses include extra time to accommodate for life happening during the enrollment period. In a rare case when the course is not completed within the enrollment period, extending the enrollment is available for $25/month.

  • I see a specific amount of classes will be available each week. How does this work?

    As with all skills, practice is essential. To ensure the skill is attained in the best possible way, the classes must be watched in order. Each week you will find the new classes in your dashboard. Each class has multiple lessons to watch and learn. The previous weeks' classes will be there, too. Once all classes were added, they will remain available to watch and rewatch through your access months.