What our students are saying

“This course was AMAZING!! It's what I always wanted to learn! Thank you so much for unlocking the secrets of sewing that I thought I'd never know- I always wanted to learn more but didn't know where to learn or how I'd find the time for it - THE ONLINE ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION COURSE WAS THE ANSWER. The clarity is unreal, your desire to share your knowledge so obvious, your passion for sewing - so contagious! ”

Malky Kaplan, Advanced Construction

1-2-3 done! Create your own circle skirt patterns.

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What our students are saying

“I had the most amazing experience with the patternmaking course. All the info and guidance were so clear and fun. Everything was very visual and was easy to understand. Thanks to Tzirel leah I can be confident with my designing career.”

Pessy Stern, Patternmaking

“The classes were super super clear and easy to follow. I really appreciated how you taught the reasoning behind the different steps. It gave a broader understanding of where each stitch and seam comes into the grand picture. That turned it from a professional "arts-n-crafts project" to a skill that could be used further. I actually felt quite cool walking into the material store and knowing how to use proper sewing jargon :)”

Reela Tress, Sew Like A Pro

FREE Circle Skirt Patternmaking

Yes! You can do it yourself! And it is super easy!